Meet the revolutionary new cryptocurrency network that lets you earn while you play and expand your network.

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Welcome. Its Gamient Club

Gamient club believes in all its Players and Performers and hence only asks for a wide base of people and a minimum amount of purchase to enter the game. Our primary objective is to establish and increase our big Ethereal family, making it a people-oriented project than just driven by profit. Profit comes along as ethereal is a proven profit-maker.

With Gamient Club, it’s time to jump in the bigger pond and expand your comfort zone of earning that extra bit, to gift yourself and your loved ones a luxurious life.

What is Gamient Club?

Futuristic and fun way of buying, selling and making profit from Ethereal.

Gamient Club is a massively multiplayer online game created to build and expand the ethereal community. It thereby aims to bring all the Ethereal token holders across the globe on one platform and make buying, selling of Ethereal just a matter of a few clicks.

Start playing with minimum 100$

Get your hands on some nerve wracking, adrenaline fuelling games online. Sign up and enter the mindblowing world of online games.

Earn Maximum Profits on your trade

Watch live values of the most popular cryptocurrencies, buy the best option and belong to the world of crypto-excitement.

Win and grab excusive shopping Benefits

As you play, win shopping benefits like never before! Sign up and get shopping!

How it Works

One. Two. Three. Four
Trade. Play and watch your score! 

To get started, you need to load your Ethereal wallet with the minimum purchase of $100. This could be done by buying Ethereal tokens from the existing token holders. This will give you an identity as a “Player”.

An existing Ethereal token holder is by default treated as a “Player”, but he can sell the tokens and become a “Performer”, making his own base of a marketing team. Ethereal sale will start from 21 cents for each Performer.

However, now comes the best part. This platform allows equal sharing of revenue among Players and Performers. This platform is a cake-walk for the ones following Crypto Exchange. In this system, the lowest bid will be shown on the top like the Crypto Exchange and will be purchased first by the buyer or as we call it, the Player.

This system is highly beneficial as it allows the new Players to bid. By referring two directs, a Player becomes eligible to become a Performer, which means he can auction his tokes through bidding. The Performer can then keep selling price of Ethereal as high as four times of its purchase rate.

Be the Player

Sign up at Gamient Club and get playing! Join with your ICO tokens under an existing player and start playing!

Be the Performer

Increase your network of directs under you and let every use your network to earn rewarding profits!

Offers & Benefits

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Futuristic and fun way of buying, selling and making profit from Ethereal.

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Meet the revolutionary new cryptocurrency network that lets you earn while you play and expand your network.

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Gamient Club has been constructed on the economics theory of velocity of money where the only raw material required is the number of players and money power which will continuously increase the profit exponentially forever.